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After the World Expo, the rudiment of the Expo City can be displayed

The installed capacity of solar power generation reaches 4.5 MW, making it the largest demonstration area of solar photovoltaic cells in China; the traffic is zero emission, and the public transportation will use hydrogen energy vehicles, super capacitor vehicles and other clean energy vehicles; the large-scale application of energy-saving technology, new semiconductor LED lighting system, river water source heat energy collection and other new technologies will gather in Shanghai in 2010.
This world expo attaches more importance to new energy technology than any previous one. Over the past six years, dozens of innovative achievements in tackling key technical problems supported by the Expo science and technology project show us the rudiment of a post Expo City: from various alternative energy sources to more efficient traditional energy use methods, to various energy product terminals including clothing, food, housing and transportation, new energy brings new business opportunities
Create a "solar Expo benchmark"
As the continuous spring rain, the douguan red column to the China Pavilion seems to add some ethereal flavor.
I'm afraid that a few months earlier, Dr. Hao Guoqiang and a group of people from Shanghai Solar Energy Engineering Technology Research Center were not in the mood to enjoy the rain and smoke. The center undertakes the planning and design of solar energy for the World Expo. The largest demonstration area of solar photovoltaic cells in China can stand the test of rainy days, especially continuous rainy days.
Different from petroleum, coal and other fossil fuels, the direct conversion of solar radiation energy from light to heat, photoelectricity and photochemistry will not lead to greenhouse effect and global climate change, nor cause environmental pollution. It is of great significance to meet the growing energy demand of human economy and society and realize sustainable development.
At the World Expo held in Hanover, Germany in 2000, the world's most advanced solar buildings, photovoltaic power generation devices and the world's largest solar yacht at that time were displayed, lighting the spark of "solar century" in the 21st century. In the following years, the global solar energy technology changed rapidly, and the solar energy industry increased by 30% every year. At the 2005 World Expo in Aichi, Japan, solar cells with output power of 200kW, 30kW and 100kW, including polycrystalline silicon, double-sided light receiving monocrystalline silicon and amorphous silicon, appeared. These solar power generation technologies show that renewable energy such as solar energy can provide electricity with high efficiency, alleviate the shortage of traditional energy supply, and contribute to the protection of the environment and the realization of circular social model.
2010, Green Expo. Solar energy is the most used new energy in the park. Solar power (photovoltaic) products are mainly applied to the roof and glass curtain wall of China Pavilion, Expo Center, Theme Pavilion and Nansha power plant. They are integrated with buildings, so-called photovoltaic building integration. The integrated design and construction can save more than 30% of the cost compared with the single construction of solar power generation system. The total installed capacity of the completed solar power generation system is about 4.6 MW, and it has realized the grid connection with the power grid, which is far larger than that of previous World Expos. According to the calculation, the annual average power generation of the photovoltaic building integrated system in the Expo site is 4.08 million kwh, which can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 3330 tons.
Before that, people thought that solar buildings were far away. "Solar power building? It's just a conceptual device. " "The concept of solar energy was popularized quite early, but most of them did not understand the development status. Many people think only of water heaters when they talk about solar energy. " Several people in the industry are helpless. They don't know, what's more, in their mind, the representative of solar energy is the plastic leaf in front of the car window that shakes its head without plug-in.
However, Master Yu, a taxi driver in Shanghai, often drives near the solar energy research center and knows more about the cutting-edge developments: "their building is a solar energy building, with blue panels on three walls, and the power generated by solar energy is used in the building."